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Our team at Lifescape Recovery in Los Angeles, California is dedicated to delivering superior mental health and addiction treatment that will exceed expectations and pride ourselves on being highly skilled professionals, committed to providing exceptional personalized care.

Lifescape Recovery’s admissions team is compassionate, knowledgeable, and ready to take your call or chat with you 24 /7.

Our goal at Lifescape Recovery is to provide the skills and tools needed by our clients to live a fulfilling & emotionally balanced life. Discover yourself and your journey to psychological & emotional peace with Lifescape Recovery!

At Lifescape Recovery, all calls, live chats, and information provided via contact forms are strictly confidential.

Get to know a little more about our team members. Meet the team at Lifescape Recovery!

  • Dr. Kalpesh Bhavsar, MD Medical Director Overland IOP
    Recovery is not a race. You don’t have to feel guilty if it takes you longer than you thought it would

    Dr. Kalpesh Bhavsar, MD Medical Director

    Dr. Bhavsar is a Board Certified Psychiatrist licensed to diagnose and treat common mental health illnesses, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. Dr. Bhavsar's philosophy of treatment is to individualize the treatment according to people's diagnosis, symptom profile, treatment history, and other bio-psycho-social factors. Dr. Bhavsar received his medical education at Government Medical College, Surat, in 1992. Before he moved to Los Angeles, he completed his psychiatry residency training at the University of South Dakota. Dr Bhavsar provides Psychiatry services at various hospitals like PVHMC, BHC Alhambra, Canyon Ridge Hospital, San Antonio Hospital, Citrus Valley Medical Center and Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

  • Dr. Rashin D’Angelo, PhD – Chief Clinical Officer
    The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about

    Dr. Rashin D’Angelo, PhD Chief Clinical Officer

    As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27365), Rashin D’Angelo, PhD, specializes in addiction, trauma, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder), and co-occurring disorders. Although her theoretical orientation is largely psychodynamic, emphasizing emotional experience as key to personality functioning, she uses an integrative approach with clients, incorporating Jungian and analytical psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, trauma-informed practices, and mind-body techniques to address the individual needs of each client. Dr. D’Angelo earned her MA in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica (2009) and completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute (2013). Her area of research includes using mind-body approaches in treatment of all addictive disorders. The focus of her clinical experience has been in private practice, community mental health, dual diagnosis treatment centers, in-patient psychiatric hospitals, and forensic settings. In her work with clients and families, she uses a strengths-based approach, empowering individuals to focus on their strengths, in order to discover new and more useful patterns of behavior. Dr. D’Angelo is the Executive Director of Trauma and Wellness Center, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles dedicated to treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders for underserved communities. She has extensive experience with managing and structuring clinical programs that best meet the needs of clients. Her private practice includes multiple offices throughout the LA region focused on mental health treatment of adults, adolescents, and children. Her work includes clinical supervision of master’s level therapists and psychological assistants at the post-doctoral level with various specializations. She serves as adjunct faculty in the forensic psychology program at The Chicago School for Professional Psychology (TCSPP) and in the Clinical Psychology program at National University.

  • Dr. Greysi Vizcardo, PsyD
    Nothing changes if nothing changes

    Dr. Greysi Vizcardo, PsyD Clinical Director

    As a Clinical Psychologist (PA#94025951), Dr. Greysi Vizcardo Solis, PsyD, specializes in treating trauma, mood disorders (anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders) and co-occurring disorders. Her theoretical approach is a combination of Family Systems, which helps us understand our past and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps us work on our present and future. She also implements skills from ACT, DBT, mindfulness, gestalt, humanistic, and positive psychology. Dr. Vizcardo Solis is passionate about multicultural issues and providing integrative holistic care. Dr. Vizcardo Solis earned her M.A. at Alliant International University in (2019) and completed her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family and Couples at Alliant International University (2023). Her area of research includes trauma, women issues, and resilience. The focus of her clinical experience has been in private practice, community mental health, and inpatient/outpatient treatment centers.

  • Life will always get messy…Suffering is optional

    Andrew Broz Partner / Director of Admissions

    Andrew started his career in acting and modeling at a very young age in a small town in Pennsylvania. To further pursue his career, he moved to NYC at the age of 16 and was immediately working as an agent at Ford Model Agency. By age 25, Andrew relocated to Los Angeles to fulfill his role as the COO of Elite Model Management and went on to later fulfill roles such as casting director and consultant to clients such as Playboy, Vogue, Verizon, Target, Christian Dior, Lancôme, and dozens of others. He was living the "dream life” filled with money, travel, and glamour—yet, he was inexplicably unhappy. There were a few major earthquakes in Andrew’s life: losing a home and assets, experiencing a traumatic divorce, and, finally, experiencing a complete loss of identity. Andrew was spiritually starved, emotionally imbalanced, and was experiencing true dis-ease; he simply could not live like that anymore. Andrew finally took charge of his life by deciding to take on a specific course of study: the study of himself. To look inside and out and to understand his own emotions and psyche. Through the difficult yet treasured process, Andrew learned how to practice many skills that have helped him up until today. Andrew believes in taking a balanced and holistic approach to recovery, including physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

  • Andy Franz

    Andrew Franz Director of Operations

    Andrew Franz hails from Torrance, California, and brings over 15 years of professional experience to Lifescape Recovery Center. After getting his B.A. in political science from California State University Long Beach, he worked as a paralegal for 9 years in civil litigation defending public entities such as school districts and universities. Andrew has also worked as a Los Angeles County Lifeguard, music instructor for children, and a project manager for a commercial LED light company. Andrew is passionate about recovery and is active both in the A.A. community and a non-profit sober living community for men located in the South Bay that has helped transform his life. Empathy, compassion, and resilience are vital aspects of his recovery, and that is what he holds space for with his purpose of helping others heal. In his spare time, “Franz” as he is called by his friends, enjoys all things nature, yoga, meditation, snowboarding, hockey, playing guitar, and hosting and cooking for friends. Andrew recently earned his Certificate to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor from TTCC.

  • Nicholas Shay Operations Manager
    You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think

    Nicholas Shay Operations Manager

    Nicholas Shay is a Registered Alcohol/Drug Technician who has passionately worked in the field of mental health and substance abuse treatment for multiple years. He was raised in Libertyville, Illinois, and graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Having experienced the torment of addiction himself, he understands the importance of offering assistance to people seeking recovery and attempting to take control of their lives. Nicholas plans on enrolling in a post-baccalaureate program and, ultimately, attending medical school. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys vigorously exercising and spending time in nature with his friends.

  • Joshua Fortner, Admissions Supervisor
    Embrace the struggle, for within it lies your strength

    Joshua Fortner Admissions Supervisor

    Josh confronted his own battles with addiction and mental health issues, but through resilience and seeking professional help, he triumphed over his challenges. Today, he channels his experiences into aiding others facing similar obstacles, providing them with support, understanding, and resources to navigate their own paths to recovery and mental well-being. With his compassionate approach and lived expertise, Josh serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking solace and empowerment in their own journeys towards healing.

  • Doreen Lee, AMFT
    Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it

    Doreen Lee, LMFT Primary Therapist/Clinical Assistant

    Doreen studied her undergrad degree at California State University, Dominguez Hills where she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in psychology. Doreen attended Argosy University where she received a Master's in counseling psychology. Currently an AMFT, Doreen's long-term goals are to become a licensed therapist , open a private practice and write her own book. Doreen has worked with multiple populations such as, Infants, children, teens, families and adults. Doreen has experience with the LGBTQ+ community and concerns such as substance abuse, Trauma, self-esteem, parenting, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, talk- therapy, relationships and communication. She believes with the "right" support team, individuals and families can overcome and process more easily of traumatic events and situations. Doreen Believes, how a person's attituded, views, or thoughts of a situation can make all the difference in their healing process.

  • Adam Wells
    The wound is the place where the Light enters you

    Adam Welles, AMFT/APCC Primary Therapist/EMDR and Brainspotting Specialist

    Adam is a Psychotherapist Associate, receiving a Master's in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and specializes in EMDR, Brainspotting, and several other modalities of treatment. Adam provides treatment for clients with a range of concerns, including substance abuse, depression, anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, PTSD, family issues, personality disorders, and negative thinking. He has a multi-disciplinary approach including family systems theory, cognitive-behavioral theory, mindfulness, and person-centered therapy. Throughout his life, along with his broad training and experience as a therapist, he has guided others, in developing their own ability to overcome what's happening 'right now', no matter what happened 'back then’, and no matter what concerns there are about the future. Adam provides a compassionate and welcoming relationship to help you feel at ease. As you gain a foothold in the work together, you will make discoveries; And as you progress step-by-step, you will experience new hope, clarity, confidence, and trust in yourself.

  • Nothing can dim the light that shines from within

    Bena Daniels, CADC II Lead Case Manager

    Bena Daniels is a CADC II and is currently in the process of getting her BS in psychology and plans to become a therapist with a focus on addiction. Bena has 22-year career in the field of addiction/mental health and has worked with various populations including but not limited to, women, women and children, adolescents, LBGTQ+, and convicts. Bena has also worked in multiple modalities including social model, medically managed treatment, behavioral modification and in-patient residential. Bena’s focus is working with the dually diagnosed and people struggling with codependency. Client care is of the utmost importance to her, and she loves counseling. Personally, Bena is the mother of three children, a 23-year-old daughter, an 8-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. A little known, fun fact about Bena is that she is a professional singer and certified audio engineer.

  • Abbie Karaduzovic
    Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves

    Abbie Karaduzovic, RADT Case Manager

    Born and raised in New York, Abbie came to California with nothing but a dream to change her life. After getting clean and sober in 2019, she realized that her passion was to help others like herself. Abbie wanted to give back and support others going through similar struggles and obstacles that she's familiar with. Abbie has over three years of continuous clean time and draws from her experience to help give others hope and realize their potential life through change. Along her journey, Abbie has learned that sometimes living life on life's terms can be extremely challenging, but that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. She is currently in school through Pierce College to obtain her CADC with a long-term goal of becoming a LMFT.

  • Jeremy Thulemeyer, AMFT, Therapist, Art Therapist
    No day but today- Rent, 1996

    Jeremy Thulemeyer, AMFT Therapist/ Art Therapist

    Jeremy received his undergraduate degree from California State University, Fullerton, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis in Crafts. Jeremy received his Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with Specialized Training in Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University. Jeremy's long-term goals as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Art Therapist are to become a licensed therapist, board certified art therapist, and open a private practice with an art studio. Jeremy has experience working with unhoused youth as well as individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. Jeremy incorporates art therapy into a variety of therapeutic modalities, including CBT, DBT, and mindfulness. Jeremy truly believes in the healing power of art and elicits change through the creative process.

  • Allison Madden, ACSW Therapist
    Vulnerability is not weakness; it is our greatest measure of courage.

    Allison Madden, ACSW Therapist

    Allison received her undergraduate education at High Point University obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology. Allison went on to receive her master's degree in social work from Monmouth University with a specialization in clinical practice with families and children. She has experience working with varying ages from young adult to seniors, as well as differing cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Allison has experience working with concerns of anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, self-esteem, relationships, attachment styles, boundaries, and effective communication. She has a psychodynamic and strength-based approach to therapy with the goal of collaboratively aiding clients through an exploration of their lived experiences to create a sense of empowerment, understanding, and a stronger sense of self. Allison has experience using different therapeutic modalities including DBT, CBT, and mindfulness-based therapy. Her long-term goals as an Associate Clinical Social Worker include obtaining a clinical license and opening a private practice of her own.

  • Kristie Bell, LMFT
    Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate

    Kristie Bell, LMFT Therapist

    Kristie is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She received her master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Kristie works relationally while having reverence for the wisdom of the unconscious; viewing symptoms as important and purposeful attempts by one’s psyche to bring the system back into wholeness and balance. Kristie has experience working with adults, adolescents, and couples. She explores themes such as self-compassion, self-acceptance, overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying attachment and relational patterns, navigating life transitions, and recovering a sense of meaning, purpose, and authenticity. Kristie’s work is informed by imaginal psychology, psychodynamic psychology, family systems, attachment theory, narrative therapy, expressive arts, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. Areas of special interest include eastern and western philosophy, yoga, mysticism, alchemy, myth, poetry, creativity, and shamanism.

  • Venus Alvarado, RADT
    You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength – Marcus Aurelius

    Venus Alvarado, RADT Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation Specialist

    Venus is a teacher of sorts and an advocate for health and wellness practices. Venus's background as a movement teacher is rooted in training in gymnastics and dance from her early childhood. Venus fell out of herself after experiencing challenges with substance abuse and mental health issues; in taking steps to heal, she found yoga. She found that through the disciplines of the body and mind: yoga, meditation, movement, strength training and so many others, she was able to bring stability to her mental, physical, and spiritual health. She dove into a series of yoga trainings later on and completed a CYT-500HR, multiple 100HR trainings and a Trauma-Informed training. Venus is currently pursuing studies in becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. Guiding others in navigating their lives in an aligned direction is where her fulfillment lies.

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